About Us

The company is constituted on 13th of May 2009.

The scope of activities of the Issuer includes working with precious metals and precious stones and articles with and from them; import, export, wholesale and retail; commercial representation; acquisition, management and disposal of shares in other companies; commercial representation and any other business activity which is not prohibited by the applicable law.

The Company is registered in the Ministry of Finance register of the companies performing activities in extracting, processing and transactions in precious metals and precious stones by occupation with certificate № 6138 on the basis of art. 13, para. 1 of the Foreign Exchange Act.

Gold Investment Group AD is a joint-stock company with tier system of management.

Members of the Board of directors:

Konstantinos Kolokasidis
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive member
Mihails Subotins
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Jurijs Nikulcovs
Independent member of BoD

The Company did not appointed a procurator or other commercial representative.

Corporate documents:

Articles of accociation of a public limited company
Ministry of Finance CERTIFICATE
Program of good corporate governance